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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) involves the promotion of best practices in adherence to standards set for best professionalism in work ethics and behaviour. This helps to facilitate good monitoring and supervision of all activities that take place in the various departments of the institution to promote harmony, orderliness and a progressive achievement of the institution’s vision and mission.

The Quality Assurance Unit in collaboration with the College management has an oversight responsibility in ensuring the smooth and effective running of the institution. Without the Quality assurance Unit the institutional structures for promoting quality and adding value to the College life, such as transparency, accountability, and so on are brought into disrepute and virtually collapse. Therefore management, Students, Staff (teaching and non-teaching) shall ensure strict adherence of the standards set in all units and departments of the College.

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to improve the quality of the day-to-day activities of the College, which also encompasses the effective and efficient use of resources; both human and infrastructural to promote the progressive achievement of the intended Vision and Mission of the College leading to the total advancement of OLA College of Education as a unique centre of excellence.

The Role of the QA Unit is to:

  1. promote best practices in the general life of the academic institution in the area of teaching and learning, assessment, supervision, appraisal, public engagement, and the like.


  1. monitor and see to the effective implementation of the College strategic plan.


  1. ensure that standards set and agreed upon are followed and applied in all aspects of the College’s life.


  1. identify challenges in the administration and management of the College, as well as the teaching and learning systems for subsequent consideration and improvement.


  1. integrate the use of modern technologies and other modern interventions to train teachers so that Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) will be adequately prepared to meet the trends in contemporary society.


  1. develop new and innovative assessment tools for supervision, monitoring and motivation, as a way of promoting effective teaching and learning.


  1. put in place a comprehensive and progressive capacity building system for all staff and management.


  1. promote transparency and accountability in the entire College community.


  1. ensure adherence to standards set in the conduct of examinations for the achievement of academic excellence.


  1. work on any areas the Principal assigns to the unit to address


The Quality Assurance Unit is headed by Dr Emmanuel Kwame Larbi Mantey with the assistance of two National Service persons in the name of Ms Ellen Naana Aggrey and Ms Priscilla Mensah Acheampong.